Have you ever flicked through your grandparents photos? There’s something unique and important about turning those pages that you can’t get with a USB.

Online albums are great. You get way more photos than you would in the pre digital era, where all film had to be developed, thus limiting how many photos could be taken and printed out, but they won`t get the same amount of love or the attention they deserve as they would in a wedding album.

A wedding album is essential as a longlasting memory of your big day and to share your most wonderful moments with your family and friends for decades to come.

Growing up, it was always a fun pastime to look at family photo albums. Flipping through the pages of memories, having your parents or grandparents smile as they relived the memories the photos had captured. Wedding albums were some of the best to flip through, seeing pictures of the family all together and dressed up.

These days I offer a similar experience to my clients.

You can choose among three Album options: “Matted Album”, “Classic Album” and “Photo Book”.

“The most beautiful destiny for a photo is to finish inside an album of memories.”