The wedding video is a crucial part of your emotional heritage. It becomes a treasure to be cherished over time, capable of bringing back every single emotion, every smile, and every tear of joy experienced on that unforgettable day.

I create wedding videos with the same style as my photography—a natural and documentary approach—resulting in a service that captures your uniqueness.

Naturalness in wedding photography and videography is not just about aesthetics; it’s about the feeling of watching those images and being transported back to the emotions of that day. This is my goal: to allow you to fully experience your day without any intrusion and to relive those emotions every time you look at the photos and video.

An authentic and documentary style honors the truth of emotions, spontaneous gestures, and meaningful glances. Rather than forcing poses or situations, it focuses on the naturalness and authenticity of the moment, capturing the true essence of what makes that day unique.

I invite you to watch the wedding videos.

Annabelle e George

Annabelle e George Trailer

Pierpaolo e Alessandra Trailer